What`s RIKA MAI?

RIKA MAI is the name of the little figure - with huge eyes and heart ears -
that I have in my art. RIKA is a Swedish girl name with the meaning “power, brave ruler”. I have skeched RIKA MAI in May 2004, (MAI - May in Norwegian).

It illustrates my being vulnerable and astonished about what is happening in the world. I`m still wondering. I liked RIKA MAI`s innocence and philosophical wondering expression- so much that I painted her all those years in different variations in almost all my pictures. I understand her as an image of nowadays human soul lost in information overflow. She is little in the huge global picture, she keeps wondering but can`t change as much as she want. It’s the contrast I like; of the RIKA meaning and size/expression of the figure.

But RIKA MAI is a “powerful leader” in my art. She stands brave for my values; sensibility, wondering, asking questions, caring and daring to look straight into the observer’s eyes. I decided to use RIKA MAI officially as my artistic name, because I love her. I hope one day she will hang on your wall and charm you with her questioning children’s eyes. Her mission is to keep wondering, and don`t give up on asking “why”.

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