Rika stands for values like sensibility, simplicity, sincerity…

Why do I paint the things I paint? My figures are often somewhat lost in space, with big wondering eyes, searching for something to hold on to, sensitive, vulnerable, insecure, longing for love and affiliation. Lately I place them in abstract spaces, because the world itself is neither logic nor safe.

My art is probably a product of my own life-story. Born in Ober-Schlesien in Poland, grown up under communism, daughter of a chemist father and a violin-playing medical doctor mother of German descent. Being 12 years old I moved to West Germany. There I experienced being a foreigner for the first time. Three years later when moving back I was also a foreigner in Poland since we came from “the Rich West”. Six years later I moved back to Germany to study in Berlin. Nine years later to Switzerland. Three years later to Belgium… I was a foreigner for 21 years.

I have created a symbol that captures this state of mind - a sense of rootlessness that seems to be symptomatic today. A simple figure, almost banal or kitschy called Rika. She reminds of the impossibility of finding our identity and place in the global world. She is a simple, naïve figure. She just longs for love, recognition and belonging. But she is faced with the hard realities of Western life, having to follow the “better future plans”. We have to be flexible, strong and easy going. Rika tries hard to adapt. Her ears are shaped like hearts because of her big need for love and her huge eyes doesn’t stop to wonder. Her big head and torso houses the huge brain and an immense soul. Her small hands and legs have no power to stop wars or influence political decisions.

Rika stands for values like sensibility, simplicity, sincerity, tolerance, friendship and love.

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  1. Jaroslava Says:

    Ahoj Dagmara,
    Hope you are all well. Checked your site for the news but didn’t see any family pictures - they are not available on your site any more?
    Jaroslava, Genève

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