“…mysterious something…”

I’m now painting a series of pictures called “art over sofa”. I am
challenging myself to be “pretty and clever” in my art. What do people want
in their living rooms? It should be pleasant, but not boring, happy but not
kitchy, colourful or black and white, but matching the sofa, rather minimalist
but rich, not too figurative but also not too abstract. Some kind of inner
landscapes, mysterious something that could be anything but nothing
concrete, so that it will never be understood, and therefore stays an
interesting open question, never boring.
People are sometimes sad and disappointed with the realities. They want
some colours and some hope and some mystery where they can escape.
Let’s put beautiful mystery on the wall and give art a chance to be THE
SOURCE of hope, joy and faith in humanity. Wow, what a pathetic statement.

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