“Midsummer Night’s Dream”

What is my current work about? Lately, many have asked me to explain the
women animals, or animalistic creatures with a feminine human touch (the
“Midsummer Night’s Dream” pictures series). It’s all about love, seduction, summer affairs or fantasies, fateful coincidences, pain over the impossibilities, irresistible temptations and what in the nature summer is: a triumph of passion,

Sitting in the cafeteria in the city on a hot summer night. Observing people, “smelling” the signals between them. Rules and conventions are melting
away, like the ice-cream that finds its way through our fingers, being caught
by the tongue…

Many of my previous pictures have been about pain. I always thought that
painting is born out of pain since it is based on the same word. Now, in this
series, I focus on the pleasure (still often in affinity with pain). I want my
figures to portray the sensuality and passion but also the mystery and
possible danger hidden in a woman being.

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