“Inter-globally updated”

Yes, it has been a long time since I wrote. After I have the blog I became a slave. I am obliged to have some new thoughts regularly. A good friend just commented: ”your last blog entrance is January ! You should have some new opinions now”. Yes, I should, but I don`t have to. “But there is a definition of a blog, and that’s what it is all about” he sad. I answered; “ yes you are right”. And here I am, obliged to have an opinion. I have one; I am working for my next exhibition, it is about the demand of global society to be globally updated;
inter-time-nation-culture-generationally updated. Staying individual and original,
a bit pro-anti, slightly controversial, and deeply beautiful -of course !
I will try to “keep myself updated” this time. Lately I was asked some questions like: “What does it mean to be an artist?”, “what message are you trying to convey to the viewer?”, “what do you consider a successful piece of art?”. Those- and more- I got per mail from an interviewer, that later had no time to listen to the answers, but he inspired me to think, which is always good! So in the end I could say that I am thankful for the kick. I will give you the answers in the next few days.

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