in the middle of the summer heat…

Strange that it feels like it never will be different. How can it be, that I suffered cold and loneliness before and was looking for the summer, and now I suffer heat and crowd, and am looking for to winter?

The thing is that we always remember things better then they were and imagine the future things better then they will be, so everything becomes better than “now”.

Its the “magic change” we are seeking all the time, but when it comes, it shows to be “not good enough”. So we hope for next.. it calls “nextopia”. Everything new is a promise for better

Yes, change is the ONLY thing in live we can really count on 100%.

Everything changes all the time, if we like it or not. We are much better of if we like it. Change is challenge and challenge make us grow. I desisted to like it and to give a damn to all the changes I don’t like, I still like them cause they will change my point of view on some issues related to this change.

Everything changes, so I don’t get attached to anything or anybody anymore, and because everything changes - so do I.

I will change my priority’s. And put future first, MY future and the fantastic powerful me in the future.

Because next year I will be so much better, stronger, even more fit than I am now, and happier because of my new strength! The 2017 year will be a magic year, there will be a miraculous change in me, I feel it growing now.

Its in my head, my burning head -burning - for change and challenge. The ideas are growing. I will be different, I will be new, I will be stronger than ever. I will be damn good in my body and soul, and in all i will touch.
I got the fantastic virus called “the next me”,

and I love it!


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