after Christmas

It was a wonderful time. Visiting family and friends who were cooking, baking and entertaining us with presents, doing sightseeing or taking walks downtown. They were cleaning after we had eaten, slept, our kids had played, and finally after we had left. We had no obligations, no stress, no worry, (apart from the horrible travel delays both ways with 3 kids, 4 hours in all). The days were long and full off life. Playing and sleeping every time in a different place made the kids hyper. There was no rhythm.The grandparents and relatives wanted to take the kids for walks to finally spend some time with them. But there was often too much to prepare in the house. We parents were too tired for any action, however WE were supposed to be the once on vacation. In the end we (too) often switched on the “box” to relieve the tensions. This solution made our kids addicted to the extent that the answer to my friendly “good morning sunshine, how did you sleep?” was: “TV”. The sad reality in the happy Christmastime is that we can’t relax anymore. I felt guilty not to read anything when there should definitely be time for that on vacation. Guilty not to have the energy to play with my kids, when this is their time. Not to sleep well, because the kids didn’t. Finally not to have helped and not to have communicated enough with family and friends because of tiredness, all the tensions, crowd and mess. It was a wonderful time. I would like to thank all of You who had us over, and sorry we didn’t do our “better best”. We really appreciate your efforts and help - a lot! Have a good rest of 2010, before we come again. All the best from the 5 dangerous Visitors mafia: D.A.N.S.T

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